How to list

The Business Directory listings currently being created and compiled on this site are a combination of Featured listings (inserted by this website), and Company listings, submitted by businesses like you.

IT’S EASY to add your company name, or name that you provide your services under. Simply go to the DIRECTORY page and click the “Create A Listing” link.

Take advantage of the opportunity to provide relevant details about your company’s business, while you also help new and potential clients get acquainted with who and where you are.

SELECT THE DESIRED CATEGORY that you want to list your company under, and be sure to include a important keywords in your business description. You can also choose to list as a business being conducted both online and offline.

You can even tell them a little about your company’s previous history, when you insert details in the “Long Business Description,” so don’t overlook the chance to mention your positive past performance, and any current or future specials, discounts, or promotions.

REMEMBER – THAT THIS is your company’s new normal. Even if you had a strong customer base in your community before COVID-19, your business model from now on is not going to the same.

How will your targeted clients and customers know exactly where your business is now, or how you’re doing things?

Now, more than ever:

Now that you’re conducting business online, you’ll definitely need all the visibility and exposure you can get. And here’s a chance to get some FREE.

The directory page also allows you to SEARCH THE DIRECTORY, to locate other companies and online service providers, new and existing.

That means, after you list your own company in the directory, people will also be able to search for you!

VIA SOCIAL MEDIA and other affiliate sites, will do all it can to continually promote The Directory and the growing list of companies that are listed in it.