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This feature and category here on is meant to daily offer at least one positive thing that someone, somewhere, is grateful for,

  • Because of
  • Due to OR
  • In spite of

the COVID-19 global pandemic and crisis. Of course, nothing in the world can ever make up for the nearly 80,000 American lives lost to this virus.

No amount of money or anything else, can make whole, the more than 4 million people in the world already affected as of this writing (Sunday – May 10, 2020), many of which have also died.

But we have to take and appreciate any little WIN that we can, even as we worry and pray for those who test positive and end up getting sick or hospitalized.

Yes, even as we continue dealing with the deaths of friends, loved ones, and others that we learn who have died during this crisis. What choice do we REALLY have?

With all the fear, pain, and sorrow that people are feeling today, you owe it to yourself to look for ways to still find a little joy and peace in the world. Accept it, and spread it, whenever, and wherever you can.