Cyber Newbies: Discover Valuable Resources the Internet Has to Offer

Have you discovered these extremely helpful websites while increasing your online activities?

Cyber newbies are learning to navigate the internet more and more, ever since national safer-at-home measures first began. Many of these individuals actually operate their own businesses and local companies, but have never chose to conduct business activities online.

But whether you’re a reluctant business person, a confused stay-at-home-now employee, or an anxious unemployed ex-worker; the world-wide-web has something useful to offer you.

Even if you’re simply a bored college student with too much time on your hands now; there’s a lot more to do online than Facetime, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Social Media Cyber Trap

When it comes to social media, no one is a bigger fan of Twitter than I am (except maybe Donald Trump), but if you’re careful, social media has a way of becoming a trap (clearly evident with Donald Trump).

If all you care about is occupying your time, but not being particularly productive, then have at it. Enjoy every social media site to your heart’s content. There is no shortage of entertaining, engaging, and even informative information to be found on social media.

However, if you hope to engage in something a lot more productive, and possibly even lucrative, don’t get caught in the social media trap. Many new, and even existing internet users often find themselves immobilized by the abundance of information and endless possibilities that the cyber world offers.

But with that said, it’s also important to stay focused on whatever your cyber goals are, and factor social media into the equation, not the other way around.

Navigating the cyber world productively (for whatever your reason) means learning how to use social media, not letting social media use you.

Valuable Cyber Resources

If you’ve decided to make a point of finding some useful cyber resources, there are a few that you may have already heard of. Names like: Amazon, Gmail, Paypal, and Craigslist are relatively familiar to just about everyone, online and off. They recognize the name, even if they’ve never actually used any of the services provided by these sites.

Being able to take full advantage of available cyber resources means having more than just a vague knowledge about what exactly is offered. For instance, if you only see Amazon as a place to order products online and have them shipped to your door, you’re missing out on so much more of what they truly provide.

Many of the useful Amazon services are not just discounted, but some are even free.

  • Amazon Audio Books (Membership)
  • Amazon Kindle Unlimited (Free Reading)
  • Amazon Prime Entertainment (Membership)
  • Amazon Self-Publishing Opportunities (Free)

Other websites that may or may not have familiar names to cyber newbies include:

GoDaddy, Hostgator, WordPress – All of which offer various web domain and web hosting services. I’ve had my own GoDaddy account for several years, and more recently, I also purchased their “Managed WordPress” option, which I love.

Profitable Cyber Activities

Chances are, if you’re new to doing things on the internet, you may not even know about some of the other not so popular websites.

But that shouldn’t stop you from getting to know about them. The following list of online companies may prove to be extremely profitable to some readers.

They consist of services and products that can help enhance whatever cyber activities you decide to engage in. Don’t just read the brief description about what the website offers.

Take some time to follow any link that may be of potential value to you, and see exactly what the service provider has to offer, free or otherwise.

GetResponse is probably one of the smartest cyber resources you can get for your online company. No matter what business your company is, you need a system for acquiring and maintaining your customers and clients. That’s where email marketing services come in.

IFTTT – This is an awesome site that makes it easy to automate a whole lot of the activities you perform online, so you don’t have to constantly duplicate your efforts.

Fiverr is a great place to start looking for affordable but experienced help with all your basic web activities. From web development and design, to social media marketing and helping to get you sales. Fiverr has a freelance worker just for you!

Tawk is a website that lets you readily connect with your visitors. I only recently discovered, but now, not only do I promote them, but I use them on one of my other websites.

Videoblasters is another cool affiliate of mine, and as soon as I create a nice collection of usable videos, I also plan to use their services. I don’t want them helping me get traffic until my videos are ready. Check them out yourself, and see how they can help your business.