Our Future Generation Has So Much More to Offer!

Warriors die in battle, but we need our youth to keep living during this global war.

Future generation of youth should not be warriors who go to battle.

Our future generation and the importance of today’s youth is my topic for this “One Positive Thing” segment.

Many people wonder if the president includes our children, when he suggested people should be warriors (or more like sacrificial lambs), by defying medical authorities and our own common sense.

When I heard, and later read about the following story, I knew I wanted to remind the world how much potential exists in today’s youth.

Exceptional Youth

Exceptional youth like Tiara Abraham of Sacramento California and her brother Tanishq, are great reminders to the world, why we can’t simply take a chance on sacrificing our youth to this pandemic.

Sadly, not everyone has the heart, or emotions, or feel the sense of responsibility and obligation that we owe to children of all ages, everywhere.

But even those rare, insensitive individuals should be able to see the advantage of having creative and brilliant young minds help guide us into the future. Minds like Tiara, and also her brother Tanishq.


  • Graduated high school at age 13
  • Has sung at Carnegie Hall
  • This year, while only 14-years-old, was accepted to 8 eight highly-accredited California universities (2020)

One Sacramento news report said Tiara has the “…voice of seasoned artist and is well beyond her years academically.” Boy is that an understatement!

What do her parents Taji and Bijou think about Tiara’s bright future? They told reporters that “…they knew their daughter was special very early on.” And why wouldn’t they, when her older brother was equally as special.


  • Was only 14 when he earned his bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from UC Davis (2018)
  • Currently pursuing his PhD.

Tanishq’s story didn’t go unnoticed either (in 2018), when he set the perfect example for his sister, by earning his bachelor’s degree so young. You can read about it in:

14-Year-Old Will Be Youngest Engineering Student To Graduate From UC Davis

Just like her brother, Tiarra is yet another example of our young people’s potential for greatness and value to the rest of the world.

Future Generation

One of Tiara’s ambitions is to sing for opera companies, particularly venues like the Metropolitan Opera House. But right now, she’s just a normal 14-year-old who spends time on Youtube, and Tick Tock, and doing typical teen stuff.

After securing her bachelor’s degree, she’d like to continue on and earn a doctorate of musical arts. But who knows, that might change.

There is no doubt, this young woman and her brother could one day help the world accomplish something truly miraculous. They, and others like them, are our future generation.

Is that to suggest that if your child isn’t a genius or musically inclined, that they’re not special? Don’t ever think that, not even for one moment!

Know that the same positive thing can be said about your child or young person, or a young person you know and love. First and foremost, LOVE is a mandatory part of the equation.

But also, with the right inspiration, encouragement, and motivation, ANY of our future generation could be potentially be the key to everything that’s killing us all right now (not just COVID-19).

But we cannot and must not, sacrifice them as warriors, or turn them into warriors with rhetoric and hate talk. Instead, teach, instruct, and prepare them for greatness.