Health and Safety Tips to Be Aware of Before Re-opening Your Businesses

Will your business follow the health and safety guidance of the CDC during COVID-19?

Is your company a brick-and-mortar business that hasn’t yet re-opened? Whether you plan to reopen in the coming days, or you open your doors later in the month or the year, the same useful information applies.

Healthy and Safe Re-opening

In order to have a healthy and safe re-opening, don’t overlook what might seem like a minor thing; the water in your pipes. This is particularly true, if there has been very little, or no water running through the pipes in a while. You will need to flush water from taps.

Did you know that according to Loni Lind, CAL Waters Quality Manager, “…water that has been sitting in building pipes can damage the water and bring bacteria.”


  • In order to make sure your pipes are properly flushed, you need to run the faucet that is closest to the water meter,.
  • Then start to move outward, towards the faucet that is farthest away.
  • It is also important to remember to let the cold water run first, then the hot water.

Health and Safety Guidance

CAL Water is responsible for ensuring that Northern Californians have clean running water. But you don’t have to take their word for safe and healthy ways to start re-opening your small or local business.

The CDC website has provided safety guidance for all Americans to follow, regardless of whether they are business owners, they operate schools or other facilities, or they’re simply everyday people.

CDC guidelines were written to protect anyone who wants to be sure of employing the cleanest and safest activities and procedures in their homes, businesses, or other facilities and establishments.

This remains to be true, whether the Trump Administration rejects the CDC health and safety guidelines or not.

Before Re-opening Your Business

Before re-opening your business, or completely re-opening America, we should all want to make sure that we’re as safe and as healthiest as possible. This requires everyone to try to move forward together, in sync and not just on our own.

We can do this, when we do as the CDC states:

“…by practicing social distancing and other daily habits to reduce our risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19.